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We design and build award winning cinemas and media rooms. Depending on your requirements, we will work with you, to deliver the solution that you require, to suit your property and budget.

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Home Cinema

At Home Control Solutions we have an award winning team that can manage any size cinema room project. We custom design and install enhanced audio and video systems that put you at the front and centre of your viewing experience. Specifically created for your home, your viewing style and your budget, we can either transform your current living room or reception room into a home theatre or design a dedicated room, that suits the way you live, complete with state-of-the-art electronics, the best acoustics with simple one-touch controls. You can count on HCS, for the highest level of experience, technical expertise, quality products and customer support from wiring to installation.

The complete audio visual Experience

At HCS, we are pleased to have designed award-winning cinema systems. From your media room, which may be multi-purpose, to your dedicated cinema room, we will design the perfect system for your requirements and budget. We partner with top manufacturers to ensure that whether it is the correct screen, projector, acoustic treatment, seating or sound stage the design that we produce delivers your result. Design, installation & calibration is all carried out in-house by our own engineers.

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